A Time Of Change

I logged in here today with the idea that I would delete this blog as I am no longer with Clicktrackprofit and that is how I got to this space, in the beginning. I still do some affiliate marketing but my focus has changed, and my skills ex...

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I logged in here today with the idea that I would delete this blog as I am no longer with Clicktrackprofit and that is how I got to this space, in the beginning. I still do some affiliate marketing but my focus has changed, and my skills exceed the content of Clicktrackprofit.

The pics on this blog were linked to an outside blog that I have now deleted, so I will try to replace them, when time permits. Sometimes, in life you will find yourself on the same path as someone else, so you may need to adjust the path to avoid a total castatrophe.

Clicktrackprofit and I were on a collison course, so I have made adjustments to my marketing strategy that will benefit me and a lot of other people who wish to make money outside of email marketing and traffic exchanges. Do not get me wrong here, I love both as much now as I did when I first started twenty years ago. I use both mediums every day.

Some days I feel that I must be crazy to keep plugging along this pathway, but if you believe in what you are doing, then just do it. The reward is for you and you alone, and success will never come if you never try.

This blog space still feels foreign to me, but then I think of the Mad Max movie series, Star Wars, Star Trek and I wonder why the world took so long to get here, to this space, I mean. Eventually, that is exactly what the world will be like, at first a movie scene and over time becoming reality.

Just imagine walking up to a speaker and ordering your dinner. All you to had to do is speak and your dinner comes down a shute, and plops 3 pills into a cup. Now, all you need do is swallow. The payment is automatic, as the thing you thought was a speaker was an actual scanner that read your iris,. took your fingerprint, compared your voice pattern to a database and took a small sample of your blood just to verify that you are who you say you are.

I think I watch to many movies, but I think movies are just a tool Hollywood uses to warn us about all the things that may happen to us in the near future. Nostradamus had a few visions, much left to interpretations, but Hollywood put those visions into pictures and the scary part is, is that they are coming true. I think Hollywood created the model of what our future holds and what it will look like, just to build our confidence and trust.

Writing here reminds me of the early days of Blogger. Thousands of people raced to write their words, rambling like I am. Then suddenly it stopped. Someone said they had to spell check, write paragraphs, use the correct colon, semi-colon, get a theme, do a niche, add some pictures, use a plugin, go on Youtube and suddenly everyone was overwhelmed by it all, and they just gave up.

Nowadays having a blog means you need to have cash, even Google is moving away from the free blog idea, as is Wordpress. Now you need more than the platform and a theme, you need a domain, hosting, plugins by the bucket load - most that you need - you have to pay for, so it's not cheap to have a blog.

My newest site is a news aggregator site with the intent to run advertising and maybe earn a little bit from it (https://thewireddailypress.com) if you decide to visit please give me a like on facebook or some other media of choice. Every little bit helps, afterall it can't be a news site without readers. I have plans for 3 other sites, domains are already activated and themes, and plugins are in place.

For now, I do all my own work. I don't farm out tasks, instead I try to learn how to do them myself. Way back in 1994 I took a condensed business course in Entrepreneurship. It was the first course of its kind taught in Ontario and it was intense, as they literally took the three year business program and condensed into one year.

The course taught me this lesson, if you don't know how to do it, learn it, then farm it out if you can't make time for it. As a business owner you need to know every little thing about your business, because you are accoutable. Secondly, if you do it, it's yours! It does not belong to anyone else and that includes coding and graphics.

If you hire someone to work on your site, get a contract that says the work belongs to you when it is done.

Besides blogging, building websites for other people, I also knit, crochet, do abstract painting and create jewellry pieces for myself and my daughter. Soon you will see my new site that will display my work.

So you see, I have had a busy year and I have much to tell you....stay tuned!