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A Time Of Change

I logged in here today with the idea that I would delete this blog as I am no longer with Clicktrackprofit and that is how I got to this space, in the beginning. I still do some affiliate marketing but my focus has changed, and my skills ex

Building An E-commerce Store For Free

I started off Monday morning with the intent to build a store to add to my blog and to use with and for my membership. The thought seemed simple enough, and I proceeded to log into my Zazzle account to get things set up. Well it's no

Social Media Tsunami

Socail media is well known for it's ability to reach massive audiences arond the globe. If you are a marketer this is great news. It is good because where else can you find this kind of free traffic. Now some say social media is just for

My Progress on ClickTrackProfit

So, here we are TGIF and another week of affiliate marketing coming to an end. What's new? This blog post...Yes, I am using Engrave to write this blog post. This is my first post from this platform so we will see how well it works out.

How Fast Can You Do It...I am a turtle in a hare's race!

The blog title pretty much sums up how I am feeling today. I actually entertained thoughts of throwing in the towel and giving up on affiliate marketing. I know I won't do that quit I mean, that is not me.

Looking for Affiliate Marketers

When I decided to return to CTP it was because I knew from experience that it is much better to have access to a community of like minded individuals than to be struggling all alone. Just having somewhere to ask questions, is to me, gold.

TGIF - My Week In Review

TGIF...Wow what a week it has been. I got lots done this week and kept to my schedule...yeah! I managed to g

How To Use Gmail As A Mini- Brander

One of the biggest challenges for affiliate marketers is to integrate as many mini branding opportunities as possible into your daily activities. Once set up, these mini-branders can have a powerful effect on your bottom line. Often these

Getting Organized For Success

Congratulations on your decision to become an Affiliate Marketer...It will be so one month's time you'll be so rich? rich that you can buy the wife a mansion, a yacht, a new car, private schools for the kids, and s

I Can't Do It...

In 2011, I joined #ClickTrackProfit. During the first 10

Free vs Pro vs Entrepreneur

I am a skeptic, hands down. If I don't like something about a program...I am gone like a bat out of hell. I never use to be like that though. I use to join everything, but then I lost lots of money, so I learned the hard way. I think tha

Real World Invades The Digital World

This past week has been pretty amazing as I tipped the balances by having a $500 dollar day. You would think that that would be euphoric enough, but something else happened on Saturday that topped all of it. It starts with a message on Mess