TGIF - My Week In Review

TGIF...Wow what a week it has been. I got lots done this week and kept to my schedule...yeah! I managed to g...

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TGIF...Wow what a week it has been. I got lots done this week and kept to my schedule...yeah!


I managed to get more work done on my websites (wordpress) and I should have the build done on one by the end of next week, then it's just blogging.

I made improvements to my splash page for the #CTP badge hunt, and wrote my welcome email and added it to the campaign. A few minutes ago I was at Trafficwave to install the correct letter series and got a new subscriber, who I think may be in my downline at SFI - will check that tomorrow.

I also made a new splash to replace the badge hunt splash from my own LCP builder and made a third one using the #CTP LCP builder program.

So far I have 16 subscribers to my newsletters thru TW and 4 subscribers from my blog. My website has gotten 290 registered visitors (people who want to see more blog posts) for the week which is a great start.

Yesterday, I dusted off one of my old programs TeProfits by Scott Douglas and Sean Supplee and setup a list building campaign at TW . It is an excellent list building program and I will probably add one more to the mix later on, but I think that is a good start.

I am not the kind of person to put all my eggs in the same basket, so that is my reason to continue building my sites and with plugins I should be able to post in several places with one click. Then I will have a huge audience no matter what happens down the road.

With those thoughts in mind, I added a very special plugin to my site that Brian Rooney told me about a few years back. It's called the Magic Action Box, and works in Wordpress pages, posts and sidebars and with any autoresponder code.

This is what it looks like when it is set up, oh and it's free....upgrade to get fancy, but really not needed!

Screenshot (23).png

Brian has a video on Youtube and you can download the plugin from Wordpress. It does have a learning curve, but Brian's video will smooth out the wrinkles for you, I think.

Search for Magic Action Box on Google search and Trafficwave Magic Action Box if you think this plug in can help you.

Finally, I downloaded and installed Periscope on my iphone 7 and it is now connected to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now I just need to learn how to use the darn

Ignace will be seeing a person wandering and talking to themselves this weekend...hmmm!

Signing off...till next time!